Quering the Ribotype DataBase

This tool is designed to allow you to interrogate the ribotype database and ascertain which profiles closest match your query. The input to the tool takes the form of fragment molecular weights which must be entered as a space separated list (not a 'tabbed' or 'returned' list. The postion tolerance is set by default to the optimised value of 1.2% (De Zoysa, Thesis, University of Leeds, 2003) and the number of results returned to 50. Querying is begun by clicking the 'Identify' button.

Interpretation of Results

The result page opens in a new window and consists of a list of ribotype profiles ranked by the DICE score. Clicking on the matched strains name (in blue, under the'Key' column) navagates to a new page which contains the fragment molecular weights of the matched ribotype.

The dendrogram below highlights the pairwise DICE similarity between 74 reference ribotypes. It is important to note that a random match between any two profiles generates a DICE score of ~72 and therefore only high scores (>95 yields a 2% error rate on the current database) should be used to confidently assign a ribotype.

Uploading a Ribotype Profile for Assignment

We also offer the service to type your profiles manually. On this page you can upload a TIFF image file of your profile which will then be processed, assigned a current ribotype (or a new one if appropriate) and integrated into the database. To increase the coverage of the DIPNET ribotype database we also welcome the uploading of any other ribotype TIFF images that your laboratory holds.